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Why You Should Hire a Trade Show Model

The business world has gotten more cutthroat, a world of sharks that can scent blood in the water, where it’s harder than ever to break into a market with a new product, no matter how revolutionary it may be, and that’s why it’s always best to try and stack the deck in your favor. 

When in Vegas, what’s the best way to do that? With a beautiful woman who can represent you better than your own salesmen, naturally. Trade show models know how to sell better than anyone, and they have the “Natural resources” to do so- beautiful bodies, sparkling personalities, and award-winning smiles. If you want all of the attention at your next business conference, you can’t go wrong by hiring trade show models.

Benefits of hiring a trade show model

Trade show models are put through a rigorous vetting process to ensure that they can do their job to the best of their ability, because it can be a considerably difficult affair. 

They do much on the trade show floor. They attract traffic to your booth, network with clients and other businesses alike to improve working relationships for your company, and they generate leads for clients that are invaluable to a company. Ultimately, however, a trade show model’s job is to represent you- your company, your service- to the best of their ability, which in the case of our models can be an indispensable service.

Good First Impression

Take, for instance, the crucial moment that is a client’s first impression of you and your company. This is, in a lot of instances, a major deciding factor on whether or not they choose to invest in your service or product, and having intelligent, attractive, charismatic people on hand to make that one moment of decision as smooth as possible could be the tipping point on having the client make the deal. It’s such an important moment- why not make sure all the odds behind you for it?

Reduced Costs

Consider, also, reducing costs- whether you’re a small time business that needs to keep a careful eye on profit margins or a big-time corporation, you still need to maintain the bottom line. 

Flying out your own salespeople, paying for their hotel rooms, and taking them away from their families for days at a time, reducing morale; it simply isn’t worth it. Instead, hire one of our many trade show models which are not only incredibly fast learners, but have the charms and personalities needed to close any deal. 

They’ll learn all about your company and what it’s selling in time to be able to do your employee’s jobs without having to pay to put them up in a hotel and fly them out to a trade show. It’s a situation in which everybody wins- your company doesn’t need to pay to have employees come to a conference they never wanted to attend, your company still gets consistent, quality representation from some of the most talented salespeople in the Mojave, and your employees get to stay home and enjoy the comforts of home.

Higher Attendance

Trade show models’ primary function, of course, is attracting traffic, and this is their real bread and butter. Our models are perfectly suited to drawing in the numbers by the dozens, even hundreds, to make sure that your product is left in the minds of everyone in attendance. It’s an age-old adage that sex sells, but so does an eager and attractive model that know how to get people to listen.

More Leads

With more people come more clients, and by extension, more leads. Information on potential clients is the hum and the drum of the business world, the rhythm that moves all industries forward, and nobody can gather information on leads quite like our talented models, whose job it is to keep an eye and an ear open all while bringing clients from all walks of life, including your target market, to your booth so that you can score the kind of clients you’re looking for, all without having to do any of the real legwork.

Brand Awareness

That, of course, comes with all kinds of perks, not the least of which is the upsurge in brand awareness. In the land of the sharks, some become chum, and some become bigger, greater, sharks. The difference is that the chum is easily forgotten. In the world of business, name recognition and brand awareness is everything, and to have your name promoted is an opportunity that can’t be ignored. Luckily for those who hire from Prestige, our models are experts in ensuring your brand is never forgotten by those who matter, and sooner rather than later, your company can be a household name.

More Engagement

On top of this, their dynamic personalities and charming smiles make sure that every single one of the many show visitors who sees your booth is engaged with it and understand your company and what it’s offering.

What are you waiting for?

What do trade show models do

Trade show models have the sole job of interesting clients and visitors to your booth, both with greeters and booth staff.


Greeters are crucial, because they attract the crowds necessary to cultivate a large supply of clients from the may show occupants that you’re there to engage with. They find leads, navigate the harrowing world of business networking, and attract crowds so that your company isn’t wanting for potential buyers or investors.

Booth Staff

Booth staff, on the other hand, handles the real negotiation- getting people to invest, treating VIP guests with the attention and care they deserve, and fully engaging audiences with a wealth of knowledge and discourse so that they can have faith in your company, which is just as, if not more important than getting the leads to begin with.

Trade Show Venue Locations

We can provide models to any of Las Vegas’ premiere convention venues, especially those used for the various trade shows which dot the Las Vegas Strip over the course of a calendar year, from the famous Las Vegas Convention Center to the upscale Mandalay Bay Convention Center, our models are able to make it anywhere in the Jewel of the Mojave to accomodate any of the city’s popular trade shows.

Popular Las Vegas Conventions

Las Vegas is home to thousands of conventions every year, here are just a few of the most popular conventions held every year.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

The Consumer Electronics Show, for example, annually hosts more than 175,000 people from literally hundreds of countries around the world, and each of these companies would benefit from the services of our beautiful show models.


SEMA is a yearly event that takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The automotive industry’s best and brightest manufacturers and retailers get together to debut all of the hottest car parts in one place. SEMA is not limited to just Mustangs, but Ford’s display does play a large part throughout the week long event every November.


North America’s largest construction trade show, CONEXPO-CON/AGG is the gathering place for all persons involved in all segments of the construction, aggregates and ready mixed concrete industries. CON EXPO Las Vegas features 2,800+ exhibitors and 150 education sessions, spread over 2,600,000 square feet of exhibit space at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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The National Association of Broadcasters

The National Association of Broadcasters is the voice for the nation’s radio and television broadcasters. As the premier trade association for broadcasters, NAB advances the interests of our members in federal government, industry and public affairs; improves the quality and profitability of broadcasting; encourages content and technology innovation; and spotlights the important and unique ways stations serve their communities.

Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade (SHOT)

Also referred to as the Las Vegas Gun Show 2020, the SHOT Show showcases new, innovative products used for target shooting, hunting, outdoor recreation and law enforcement purposes. On display is a wide spectrum of products, including firearms, ammunition, gun safes, locks and cases, optics, shooting range equipment, targets, training and safety equipment, hunting accessories, law enforcement equipment, hearing and eye protection, tree stands, scents and lures, cutlery, GPS systems, holsters, apparel, leather goods, game calls and decoys.


MAGIC is the most elaborate fashion marketplace in the U.S., showcasing Women’s and Men’s Apparel, Footwear, Accessories, and Sourcing resources from around the world. MAGIC feeds the business of fashion by helping facilitate connections between buyers and brands with services like retail concierge and matchmaking programs, bridging relationships and strengthening connections. Additionally, retailers and buyers have opportunities to learn, network, and conduct business with new and returning exhibiting brands.

Why Choose Us

It’s true, of course, that there are other modeling agencies in Las Vegas that you could hire for the job, but none of them strive for and reach the lofty aims which we have set for ourselves as a modeling agency. We’re the best in the industry, and have represented some of the biggest names in Las Vegas business, like Liquid, Hakkasan, and Wet Republic. If you trust us, we’ll give you exactly what you need.

Trade Show Models