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What is a Promotional Model?

Promotional models serve to make your business, service, product, brand, whatever it is you’re trying to sell at a convention, expo, or trade show all the more appealing to the crowds that are flocking to the big event. 

They use their looks and charms to draw in the crowd, and then their sharp minds and knowledge bases about your enterprise to keep them there, to ensure that your company receives the attention that it aspired to attain from the event in question. 

It’s a win-win situation for all involved- the models get to put their talents to work, your company acquires a host of new clients, and the attendees will find a brand new, reliable service- your company’s.

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Why you should hire a promotional model

Promotional models may seem like a tertiary expense, something not entirely necessary in order to be a success at these big Las Vegas business summits. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. 

Promotional Models save money, improve business, and guarantee your company a brighter future.

First Impressions

In the world of business today, there are few principles as vital as the ever-crucial first impression. Our models understand this, and that’s why their perfect bodies, award-winning smiles, and charming personalities are the ideal tools to reel in a new client. It’s hard to find a better first impression in all of Vegas, and we have you covered. 

Reduced Costs

One of the more immediately enticing attractions that a promotional model may have is the sheer expense of the alternative. If you choose to bring staff along from the home office or some corporate branch, it will be on the company’s head to compensate those employees.


In the event that you fly an employee out to a convention, you would need to lodge them. Las Vegas hotels can be notoriously expensive.


On top of other expenses, the airfare itself can be costly if your company is headquartered far enough away from the City of Sin.

Still pay the employees

Additionally, on top of all of the expenses of lodging and travel, there exists the fact that the employee is still on the clock for you- taking valuable company time to achieve the work that a promotional model can provide with little expense. 

With a promotional model, these expenses vanish. 

You pay them the one time fee, and then you have representatives for your company that are not only residents of the city who can reach the event in question on their own steam, but who are well versed in your company’s policies, and can answer any question with a stunning smile.

What are you waiting for?

New Leads

Our models are more than just a pretty face. 

They’re smart, observant, and know a thing or two about picking up on social clues. Finding leads for your business is as natural to them as the smile and wave ona  convention floor, and it’s a talent that many of our own clients have benefited greatly from. 

If you need a representative that can not only sell but can keep an ear to the ground as well, you can hardly do better than Promotional models from Prestige.

Generate Buzz

On the show floor, word can get around fast. If someone is impressed by your company, then the chatter and buzz of the corporate world has become yours to command. 

One of the easiest ways to generate that kind of buzz is with saleswomen who know what they’re talking about, which is why a promotional model is worth the investment.

Higher Attendance

Few things can generate a crowd faster than a gorgeous woman- Las Vegas is living proof of that sentiment. With our promotional models, your booth will no doubt be the center of a considerable crowd in no time. 

Conventions and Trade Shows

Las Vegas has a lot of attractions- gambling, ridiculous amounts of booze, and pretty women, among other things- but an almost equally well known draw of Sin City is the sheer amount fo conventions and trade shows that occur here. 

If you’re looking for a hub of commercial enterprise, you can hardly do better than Las Vegas.


Perhaps the largest trade show of electronics and burgeoning technology in the world, the Consumer Electronics Show is a massive multi-day affair that draws some of the biggest crowds Las Vegas sees all year. Every business there would benefit from someone who can wrangle the massive crowds, a purpose our promotional models are perfectly suited for. 


The Specialty Equipment Market Association is a car show. There are few car shows which aren’t improved by the presence of beautiful women. Our girls know their way around a nice car, and are ready and willing to for your business.

Let us help your
brand get noticed


Our girls have a bit of fun getting messy, and ConExop/ConAGG is nothing if not a little messy. 

Construction shows could use the benefit of a smart and pretty lady just as much as any other convention- more so, truthfully speaking, because the construction industry isn’t the most female-oriented. 

As a result, it’s an environment where a proper Promo Model can pay off big dividends for your company.


The National Association of Broadcasters is a convention for an industry filled with people who work in show business. 

That means that they know and appreciate people who can put on a real good show for them, someone who can charm and flatter. You can understand, therefore, why a promo model might do well here.


There are few areas that a model is better versed in than fashion. If you really want to show off your fashion related business here, then you can’t get a better expert to represent you than a model whose whole life is involved with the industry in question.


It’s no surprise that the convention of outdoorsmen and grizzled off-the-grid types is improved by having beautiful women around. On top of that, a lot of our models are worth their salt when it comes to engaging conversation, something that a lot of outdoorsmen sometimes lack and crave. 

That makes this convention a prime opportunity for our promo models- and by extension, the company hiring them, you- to thrive.

International Builders Show

A convention all about what the future infrastructure of our metropoles will look like. Such an important industry needs educated, witty, and clever representatives to serve as the foundation, which means our promo models are the perfect choice.

World of Concrete Convention

While the World of Concrete convention may sound a little drab, that doesn’t mean that our experienced models can’t turn it into an exciting enough topic to reel in the next big client for your construction firm.

World Market Center

If hospitality is your industry of choice, then you should know that a promo model is the premiere choice for your representation.

What makes you feel more at home than the relaxing voice of a beautiful woman who knows what she’s talking about?

Trade Show Venue Locations

Our girls can help you at every significant venue location in the city of LAs Vegas.

Las Vegas Convention Center

The enormous Las Vegas Convention Center is almost 2 Million square feet and can hold nearly 200,000 participants in its spacious halls. Every single one of those would be happy to be greeted at your booth by our promotional models.

Sands Expo and Convention Center

The Sands Expo and Convention center is enormous, incorporating parts of the Venetian and the Palazzo, and is one of many convention centers that Prestige is happy to bring models to for the benefit of your company.

Mandalay bay Convention Center

This historic con space is the fifth largest in America, with 2.1 Million square feet in floor space, and is a part of the luxurious Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort. If you’re attending an expo here, then our models are more than happy to assist your efforts.

Casino Ballrooms

We also work shows, expos, conventions, trade shows, and any number of other business and industry events in the ballrooms of the many casinos dot the strip. Simply ask about a location and take security in the fact that we almost certainly can provide models to work at that location.

Why Prestige

Of course, there are OTHER options that you could choose from if you’re looking for cut-rate “Booth Babes” for your convention or expo. But if what you’re looking for is true quality- real Promotional Models instead of simple booth bunnies, then you know that Prestige is the only place for you.


If you think you have the sharp mind, the sharper body, and the personality right for being the most talented saleswomen on the Las Vegas strip, then Prestige is hiring. Contact us today to set up an interview. 

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