Las Vegas Convention Models

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What is a Las Vegas Convention Model

In short, a Las Vegas Convention Model is a man or woman whose job it is to represent a company, brand, or image at one of the many conventions found in Las Vegas, usually aided by attractive appearances and sparkling personalities.

Types of Convention Models

There are different varieties of convention models to fulfill the many niches of convention culture here in Las Vegas, each one finding a way to support their client in a particular, diverse way

Show Hostess

Show Hostesses are ideal eye candy for a booth at an expo or convention. Their stunning appearance attracts attention that can then be directed towards the booth in question, drawing leads for the brand they represent.

Booth Greeters

A booth greeter is there to make a good first impression on anyone who finds themselves heading towards the booth in question. Their mastery of flirtation, wit, and beauty makes them all the more viable towards a prospective client, leaving an indelible mark on that soon-to-be lead’s vision of the booth’s company.

Promo Models

Promo models are there in order to show off and drive interest in your company. Their silver tongues can be used to charm any booth visitors into taking a liking to the booth’s brand.

Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors are smart, quick-witted individuals who are there to answer questions about the client’s company. They absorb information like sponges, and are able to memorize the finest details of the company’s nuances so as to be able to most accurately represent the nature of the client.

Booth Models

Booth models, plain and simple, are there to make your clients feel comfortable. Nothing is quite as inviting to a potential lead as a beautiful woman, and their job is to provide that unique comfort.

Product Demonstrator

If the client’s company chiefly works in the realm of products rather than services, then a product demonstrator is ideal to have on hand in order to show the product in question. Their professional touch and practiced mannerisms are the greatest tool for selling the client’s product.

Expo Staffing

Not all clients are businesses, of course. If you need an expo run, then Prestige an offer staff to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes, so that the convention administration can relax, feeling secure in their hiring decisions.

Benefits of Hiring a convention model

The chief benefits of employing the services of a convention model are immediately apparent- the appeal of having beautiful and capable people taking care of your brand. But there are other perks as well.

No Travel Expenses

The fact of the matter is that flying out and housing employees of your company is expensive for your business. Being able to keep to the bottom line is the chief concern of any business savvy boss, and hiring convention models means you don’t have to pay for your employees travel expenses, and they get to relax with the family for the weekend.

No Shows

Las Vegas is a crazy town- that’s why it’s perfect for conventions and expos- but it does mean that there is always a danger that employees who are meant to be showcasing your brand at an expo gets swept up in the fever pitch of the strip and fails to appear for the con they’re meant to be working at. Not only do our models live in Vegas, so they’ve grown resistant to it’s constant allure, but they’re staunch professionals, through and through. They’ll be consistent and timely in all of their duties.


Because our models live in the city, there’s no chance that their plane will be delayed, preventing them from working when they’re meant to be. That danger, does exist, however, with a company’s native employees, which is why it’s always safer to hire at the location in question.

Great First Impression

Office workers are great at their job, the niche which they fulfill. Filing papers, filling out spreadsheets- in short, keeping your office running smoothly. But this skill set isn’t likely to carry over to success in making a good first impression on the expo floor. 

A potential client being met by a hypoallergenic busybody will probably result in disaster, but a potential client met by a dazzling model who can tell them about the product and keep their attention? That potential client will be signing on the dotted line before you can feel gratified in your choice of hiring convention models.

Larger Crowds

Convention models are experienced and talented at drawing a crowd. Any good businessman knows that quantity is important on the expo floor, and larger crowds produce more clients. So marvel at the crowds that a well-trained convention model can draw.

More Leads

All of these facets put together mean one thing- more leads for your brand and company,  plain and simple.

Popular Conventions in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is well known for the many trade shows. Conventions, and expos. Our models thrive in these environments, and you can reap the benefits of their talents best when you use them to show off your company at the next big Sin City convention.

Consumer Electronics Show

The Consumer Electronics Show (more universally referred to as CES) is the world’s stage for what’s new in the ever-expanding world of technology. While the tech might be new, the business practices remain the same, and can benefit from the influence of one of Prestige’s finest Trade Show models.


SEMA- the Specialty Equipment Market Association- is one of the largest automobile expos in the nation, and it’s wise to have brand ambassadors and convention models on hand to explain the complicated intricacies of the machines being represented.


ConExpo-ConAGG is a multi-faceted affair, filled with heavy duty machinery and burly men. This cocktail is the perfect place for an Atmosphere Model to work their magic and turn an otherwise dull construction convention into an exciting and optimistic look at the future of our nation’s infrastructure.

National Association of Broadcasters

If there was ever a group with whom our models gelled naturally, it’s broadcasters. NAB’s  annual show in Las Vegas is the ideal opportunity for our Promo Models to excel at what they do best- show off the corporate image of media enthusiasts.


Our models are well versed in pretty much every field so as to best represent the interests of the client, but they have a vested interest in fashion. That’s why MAGIC has always- and always will- benefit from the efforts of our Models.

Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade

SHOT is a prime exemplar of the type of clientele which really enjoy the company of a beautiful woman. Our Models have always done a fine job of finding new clients for businesses at that show, and there’s good reason for it. If you’re looking to get your outdoorsman into the buying mood, one of our fitness models can do the job nicely.

International Builders Show

The expo of choice for those looking to create the future can learn a thing or two from grounded, down-to-earth truths. Truths like “What can a beautiful, smart, and capable woman do for your  business?”. The answer to such a question isn’t that far in the future- in fact, it’s right here, at the Prestige Modeling Company, making sure that your company is well represented at the esteemed International Builders Show.

World of Concrete

While the World of Concrete may seem dull, that’s because… it can be. But it doesn’t have to be. Our Atmosphere models know how to bring the fun and can make even this drab construction affair a chance for you to wrangle in clients with more than just know-how.

World Market Center

Funnily enough for the attendees of the World Market Center, hospitality is something that our girls happen to know a thing or two about. So if they’re hired to work the WMC, then feel safe and comfortable in the knowledge that your company is being taken care of and well represented- the same feeling you’d get from, say, well managed hospitality services.

Other Conventions

There are, of course, countless conventions and expos which call the City of Sin their home, and every single one of them, one and all, can benefit from the services of happy, educated, gorgeous women who can guarantee your brand be the center of attention.

How much does it cost to hire a convention model

Hiring a convention model isn’t nearly as expensive as one might be lead to believe. On the high end, they can cost between $500-$800, but they can also sometimes be as low as $250 depending on the level of quality you’re looking for, and accomodations your company requires. The truth is, this is incredibly affordable. 

Why Hiring a Convention Model save you Money

If you factor in travel cost, housing, and sometimes feeding your employees when they’re away from home, not to mention overtime pay (Unions will drain you for every penny you’re worth), you may be looking at an exorbitant price on the company’s dime, something that no accounting department wants to see. It’s simply a fact that it’s cheaper to hire a convention model. 

What Las Vegas has to offer for conventions

The City of Sin, the Jewel of the Mojave, the City of Stolen Memories- Las Vegas is the kind of place where myths become reality, and where people amass for all sorts of events. Events like the expos, conventions, and Trade shows which dot the strip year round, taking advantage of Las Vegas’ ample room and entertainment.

Top Convention Centers

Las Vegas has the distinction of hosting some of the nation’s most luxurious convention spaces. 

Las Vegas Convention Center

The enormous Las Vegas Convention Center is almost 2 Million square feet and can hold nearly 200,000 participants in its spacious halls. Every single one of those would be happy to be greeted at your booth by our promotional models.

Sands Expo and Convention Center

The Sands Expo and Convention center is enormous, incorporating parts of the Venetian and the Palazzo, and is one of many convention centers that Prestige is happy to bring models to for the benefit of your company.

Mandalay bay Convention Center

This historic con space is the fifth largest in America, with 2.1 Million square feet in floor space, and is a part of the luxurious Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort. If you’re attending an expo here, then our models are more than happy to assist your efforts.

Casino Ballrooms

We also work shows, expos, conventions, trade shows, and any number of other business and industry events in the ballrooms of the many casinos dot the strip. Simply ask about a location and take security in the fact that we almost certainly can provide models to work at that location. 

World Class Entertainment

Las Vegas is home to some of the most talented and impressive entertainers in the world, like a record number of shows performed by the incomparable cirque-du-soleil, regular appearances by magicians like David Copperfield and Criss Angel, and some of the best musicians to ever grace the stage.

The Best Food

Las Vegas’ cuisine is nothing to stick a nose up at, either. Restaurants from pretty much every celebrity chef on the network, and some of the finest wining and dining this side of the mississippi.

The Best Food

Las Vegas’ cuisine is nothing to stick a nose up at, either. Restaurants from pretty much every celebrity chef on the network, and some of the finest wining and dining this side of the mississippi.

Why hire Prestige

Anybody can stand at a booth, deliver some rehearsed lines, and smile. But nobody can embrace the experience with the charm and grace of the Prestige Modeling Company.

Local Agency

For one thing, Prestige is a local agency. Not only does this mean we provide all of the benefits of hiring on-site such as the boons mentioned earlier- no travel expenses, etc.- but we know this city better than anyone. If you want someone well versed in the ways of local life, we have you covered.


Our models are all experienced, vetted models who have seen their fair share of industry experience. We know what we’re doing, and that sage wisdom is available for our clients any day of the week.

Best Looking Models

Finally, there’s something to be said for the sheer beauty of our girls. A lot of people claim to have the nicest-looking beauties on the strip, but when it comes down to it, our women are the real deal. Talented, and smart, sure, but being drop-dead gorgeous really helps.

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