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What is a brand ambassador

A brand ambassador is a stabilizing agent in the turbulent world of business management. 

A lot of people don’t see their value, but the services which they provide are crucial to the future of any good business. In short, a brand ambassador is a figure you trust to be able to sell your company’s image to potential clients.

They’re the face of your company, somebody who embodies its ideals and unique personality. Their job is to represent these ideals in front of large swaths of people, and they do it well.

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Why hire a brand ambassador

The benefits of a brand ambassador are plain enough- their unique skill set is more than appealing, it’s a necessity for any business looking to make itself a household name in the cutthroat business world of the modern age. 

The ability to increase exposure, develop leads for your business, and target the right market is invaluable.


The major benefit to a talented Brand ambassador, like the ones found at Prestige, is the sheer exposure that your company receives from their efforts. A brand ambassador can work tirelessly to make sure your name is receiving the clout that it warrants. 

Social Media interaction, word of mouth, and other advertising tactics are all tools in the Brand Ambassador stock and trade, and your company can reap the benefits, making your name familiar in the mouth of clientele across Las Vegas


More Leads

One of the things a brand ambassador excels at is networking- finding leads and potential patrons to bolster your company’s client base. 

Usually they already have a pretty significant network of colleagues and other such connections in the industry, and working for your company will only secure them more. Our brand ambassadors have the know-how to cinch a deal, and developing more leads is something they excel at.

Targeting the right audience

One of the basic tenets of business is knowing who your target market is- what audience are you hoping to reach with your product or service? Sometimes it can be difficult to tell, because it’s something of a broad question.

Feel secure in the knowledge that our Brand ambassadors can narrow down exactly who is looking for what you’re selling, a crucial talent in the world today.

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What makes a good brand ambassador

The qualities which define a truly talented Brand Ambassador are easy enough to pin down, but not necessarily so easy to find in any one person.

A charming personality, an observant nature, someone who can both listen and speak eloquently, and a penchant for being polite and civil while running a social media account (that last quality in particular is rare).

Social Media

One of the primary duties of the brand ambassador is to manage your company’s social media accounts. 

See, with everyone glued to their phones, social media has become crucial to the success of any company worth their salt, and a brand ambassador know this, and how to manipulate the algorithms and habits of each program in order to get the most bang out of your buck. 

The internet is the path to the future, and a talented Brand Ambassador can be the guide.


Instagram is by far the most popular social media site for the younger generation, where they can upload images, photos, and videos. 

It’s the perfect place to target the teenage demographic, something a Brand Ambassador knows all too well, and their manipulation of the site can lead to big brand recognition for your company not just among the teens of today, but also the buying public of tomorrow. 


Facebook is the biggest social media site on the internet, hosting 2.37 Billion users. Any one of those could be a potential client if contacted or advertised to correctly. There’s power in numbers, and Facebook certainly has that for your brand ambassador to harness.


Twitter may be best known for vitriol and other manner of negativity, but it’s also the home of some of the greatest marketing tactics the modern business world has ever seen. 

Share a Coke, the Ice Bucket Challenge, most recently, Mr. Peanut’s disastrous passing, these things spiked interest in their respective hosts like no other marketing campaigns in history. If you want to pull of some massive viral marketing, then a Brand Ambassador on twitter is something special


The funny thing about YouTube is the sheer share ability of it. I mean, people will pass over a retweeted ad or a shared facebook post with little thought, but people share YouTube videos just as often, and with remarkably more success in the actual retention that it brings. 

A clever Brand Ambassador knows this, and can use it to their advantage to make sure that your company is well represented on the bronze screen.

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Like YouTube, Pinterest boards, when shared, are actually viewed by the people they’re shared with. The ability of a pinterest board to composite a median of the tone of the images shown is unrivaled, and can be used as a powerful marketing tool. 

Our brand ambassadors are well trained in cultivating such a tone, and can use it to make your company the center of a viral marketing campaign in a snap. 

Brand Ambassadors are perfect for these industries

While a brand ambassador can be beneficial to any company in any industry, they have strengths just like any other talent. 

They truly excel in fields in which not only their social talents can be put to use, but their exquisite bodies- fitness and fashion- and, of course, in that industry of indulgence, alcohol. If your company specializes in one of these fields, you can hardly stand to be without a wily brand ambassador by your side.


Fashion is an exemplar of the term “Ever-changing industry”, a field which requires constant attention paid to the ebb and flow of the industry’s intricacies and social circles. Keeping track of it is a nightmare, and, coincidentally, the brand ambassador’s forte. 

Additionally, it’s a field which rewards those who are pleasing to the eye, for lack of a better term, and the Brand Ambassadors from Prestige also happen to be one of our gorgeous models, and so would thrive in a fashion-oriented setting.


As with fashion, fitness requires someone who not only looks the part but knows their way around the industry. Our brand ambassadors keep in great shape and are well versed and studied on the importance of anatomy. 

As a result, they’re the perfect option for an ambassadorship in the fluid world of fitness, where their expertise is appreciated by those that they’re selling to.

Alcohol and Liquor

It’s considered a mark of high status to be knowledgeable about the complexities of alcohol. Luckily, our ambassadors know their way around a bottle and can do a brisk business in the world of alcohol.

Why Prestige?

So why work with Prestige? Why not find your Brand Ambassadors elsewhere? Well, on top of our brand ambassadors being licensed models who are as pretty as they are clever, they’re also personally vetted and held to a standard of excellence that’s simply superior to the other modeling agencies of the strip. If you want the best, you hire Prestige.

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Of course, if you think that you can meet the high standards of prestige and want to try your hand at living a life of glamour for minimal work as a model, then contact Prestige today to try your hand at the luxurious life of a Las Vegas model.

College students

 We’re always on the lookout for younger talent. College Students, who are infamously wanting cash, can find the exciting future they’re looking for with Prestige Modeling. If you’re an attractive young college student looking for a way to earn some cash on the side, then Prestige is your best chance to do just that.


Our models are finest quality women, found here in Las Vegas through rigorous talent searching. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of that elite crew, then contact Prestige. Your life might be one phone call away.

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