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What is an atmosphere model

You’re hosting your party in the City of Sin! It should be legendary, one for the history books!

But it isn’t. Your party is lagging behind. People are listless, losing interest, the music just isn’t right, simply put- the energy is fading fast. What are the ways that people can avoid this? 

One of the best methods to do so is with Atmosphere models, women hired from us at the Prestige Modeling Agency in order to ensure that whatever event they’re brought to is rejuvenated, and can keep it going all night long, elevating it to that mythic level that you envisioned when getting it started. 

So what exactly is it that they do? In short, exactly what’s written on the label- atmosphere models establish a desired atmosphere for the party, whatever that may be, pool party, late-night rager, or high-end and elegant.

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Why Should You Hire an Atmosphere Model

So why hire them? 

Many believe that these sorts of models are unnecessary and don’t add to the effect of the party, but that’s patently untrue. When a party is hosted in the city of Las Vegas, there are expectations to meet, and it can be difficult to really establish the kind of mood that may be necessary for the event you’re hosting. 

Say, for instance, you’re attempting to host a high-end fundraiser, and you really need the attendees to open their wallets for a good cause. Finding a venue may be important, but making sure that the atmosphere is relaxed and engaging, the kind of place in which people can be comfortable and charitable. 

That can’t be accomplished wholly with tapas and classical music. Our experienced and talented employees engaging the patrons and relaxing them with good conversation and good looks are the best foot forward. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, our atmosphere models that specialize in really wild affairs can show even experienced and jaded clubbers the time of their lives, keeping the party going as long as the host needs or wants. Ultimately, our girls are the perfect choice to achieve whatever effect you’re aiming for.

Entertain Guests

Their primary function is to entertain- dancing, chatting, singing… our ladies (and a few men) are trained to be able to completely entertain any of the guests at your party, no matter what strata of society you’re trying to accommodate. 

They can have intelligent discourse on the nature of finance at an upscale ball, show off some truly impressive dance moves in a nightclub, or simply serve as eye candy at the summer’s hottest pool party.


Our models are charming, sociable, sexy, and always ready to engage your party attendees however is appropriate, so that you can relax knowing that your party guests are well taken care of.

Enhance Party or Event

Our atmosphere models are the last word in party enhancement and are fully equipped and capable of making your party worthy of the City of Sin, no matter what kind of a party it may be.

What are you waiting for?

Night Club

Our Night club models know how to turn any club on the strip into the perfect place for the quintessential Las Vegas party, filled with booze, babes, and plenty of energy to keep the mojo going until the sun comes up. 

Hiring our night club models is the best way to announce that you’re in Vegas, and you’re ready to live like it.

Pool Party

Of course, if you’re not a night owl and soaking in the sun is more your speed, then there’s always beach bunnies with our pool party package that may whet your appetite for some of the sexiest ladies that the strip has on offer. 

Our pool party models are fantastic eye candy for your cabana party and can carry on a poolside conversation too, so as not to make your summer bash seem drab or boring.

Day Club

Day Club models aren’t quite as common as their night time-variant, but that doesn’t make them any less valuable. Day club models are there to ensure that the party can keep going, even if the sun has risen. 

They may trade the little black dress for a little black bikini, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t show you an equally good time. After all, in Vegas, time doesn’t work the same way. 

Day, night, evening, morning, what matters is that you’re enjoying yourself and surrounded by the right kind of atmosphere, something that our models specialize in.

Bachelor Party

Las Vegas’ specialty, of course, the celebration it’s probably best known for is the legendary bachelor party. One more stag night for your best bud before he enters the doldrums of marriage. 

You could go out to a nightclub to celebrate, but if there’s a bachelor party in Vegas, that’d be a waste- nightclubs are all over the US. What’s unique to Vegas? Prestige’s perfect pin-ups- atmosphere models who are more than happy to show the groom-to-be one last night of wild excitement. 

If you want to plan the perfect bachelor party for your nearly hitched buddy, then there’s no question about it- the Vegas stag experience requires that you hire one of our talented and eager atmosphere models to get the party pumping.

Custom Parties

The ideas listed here aren’t exclusive of course- our models are perfect for any situation under the sun, and a custom party that you need models for is just as fit to our girls as one of the ones we’ve mentioned. From decadence to indecency, our girls are there to make your party go as smoothly as possible.

Our Girls

Hiring our girls, who are vetted, trained, primped, primed, and thoroughly managed is as easy as you’d expect from a company with our pristine customer service record. 

Simply call our company today through any of the avenues listed on our website, and we can get models to your party in hours, maybe less, so that you can keep your perfect Vegas party comfortably in the black while you enjoy shots by the pool. 

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Atmosphere Models