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If you’ve spent any amount of time in the high life of Las Vegas, then the answer to the question of why you may want to hire our beautiful babes should be easy to answer. A good model is beautiful, versatile, and talented. They prove to be useful to almost any social circumstance- and the Prestige Modeling Company only has the best.

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Our multifaceted services are here to offer you the luxury Las Vegas experience, no matter what kind of lady you’re looking for. Atmosphere, Fitness, Trade Show, Promotional or Convention Models, plus Brand Ambassadors, all ready and willing to make your company, party, or image the best it can be.

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Atmosphere Models

Atmosphere models are the perfect party pumper, ensuring that your bachelor bash, nightclub excursion, corporate party, or cabana housewarming has the right feel to it. They’re masters of manipulating the atmosphere of any social to get the vibe you’re looking for, whether that be relaxed and sophisticated or wild and enthralling.

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Fitness Models

If you’re looking for someone with both a pretty face and the perfectly sculpted body of a toned athlete, then a Fitness model is perfect. Their athleticism, both physical and mental, is the ideal tool for selling athletic wear or equipment, whether it be in a digital format, or by being on hand at a show to provide a helping hand to the salesmen.

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Trade Show Models

Trade Show models excel at selling and representing your company on the floor of the competitive shows which Las Vegas hosts regularly. If you want your company to be the talk of the proverbial town, you can’t go wrong with a trade show model.

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Convention Models

Convention models are a different degree of spokesperson. Not only can they memorize detailed information about your services so that your convention booth is always staffed with someone ready to answer any question thrown their way, but they can answer with a smile that stuns.

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Promo Models

Promotional Models know exactly what to say to reel in a client at a trade show, convention, or expo, bringing name recognition to your brand and fond memories of your booth. If you want to make sure that your business won’t go forgotten at the next big shindig, a promo model is perfect.

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Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors are on hand in any public space or convention, already well-equipped with the keen mind of a businesswoman and the stunning face of a model to represent your company in the best light possible.

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Why you should work with us

It’s true that there are other modelling companies on the strip one could turn to, but with the Prestige Modeling Company you receive a guaranteed quality of assurance that you can’t find anywhere else. Our models are vetted, talented, and more beautiful than any run-of-the-mill showgirl. If you need a model, they’re out there. But if you want the perfect model, then Prestige is your go to company.

Conventions and Trade Shows

Las Vegas is well known for the many trade shows. Conventions, and expos. Our models thrive in these environments, and you can reap the benefits of their talents best when you use them to show off your company at the next big Sin City convention.


SEMA- the Specialty Equipment Market Association- is one of the largest automobile expos in the nation, and it’s wise to have brand ambassadors and convention models on hand to explain the complicated intricacies of the machines being represented.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

The Consumer Electronics Show (more universally referred to as CES) is the world’s stage for what’s new in the ever-expanding world of technology. While the tech might be new, the business practices remain the same, and can benefit from the influence of one of Prestige’s finest Trade Show models.


ConExpo-ConAGG is a multi-faceted affair, filled with heavy duty machinery and burly men. This cocktail is the perfect place for an Atmosphere Model to work their magic and turn an otherwise dull construction convention into an exciting and optimistic look at the future of our nation’s infrastructure.

National Association of Broadcasters

If there was ever a group with whom our models gelled naturally, it’s broadcasters. NAB’s  annual show in Las Vegas is the ideal opportunity for our Promo Models to excel at what they do best- show off the corporate image of media enthusiasts.


Our models are well versed in pretty much every field so as to best represent the interests of the client, but they have a vested interest in fashion. That’s why MAGIC has always- and always will- benefit from the efforts of our Models.

Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade

SHOT is a prime exemplar of the type of clientele which really enjoy the company of a beautiful woman. Our Models have always done a fine job of finding new clients for businesses at that show, and there’s good reason for it. If you’re looking to get your outdoorsman into the buying mood, one of our fitness models can do the job nicely.

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International Builders Show

The expo of choice for those looking to create the future can learn a thing or two from grounded, down-to-earth truths. Truths like “What can a beautiful, smart, and capable woman do for your  business?”. The answer to such a question isn’t that far in the future- in fact, it’s right here, at the Prestige Modeling Company, making sure that your company is well represented at the esteemed International Builders Show.

World of Concrete

While the World of Concrete may seem dull, that’s because… it can be. But it doesn’t have to be. Our Atmosphere models know how to bring the fun and can make even this drab construction affair a chance for you to wrangle in clients with more than just know-how.

World Market Center

Funnily enough for the attendees of the World Market Center, hospitality is something that our girls happen to know a thing or two about. So if they’re hired to work the WMC, then feel safe and comfortable in the knowledge that your company is being taken care of and well represented- the same feeling you’d get from, say, well managed hospitality services.

Other Conventions

There are, of course, countless conventions and expos which call the City of Sin their home, and every single one of them, one and all, can benefit from the services of happy, educated, gorgeous women who can guarantee your brand be the center of attention.


Our girls are perfect for the night club atmosphere. Loud music, Louder laughing, and the pulse of life that thrums inside every night club puts them in their element, and we’ve worked with some of the best night clubs in Las Vegas.


The lavish gold interior of XS may put one in mind of fancy soirees and swanky ballroom attire, but it holds the same wild heartbeat of every true club, and that’s something our girls are great at tapping into. When the music starts with our women on the floor, be ready for the craziest party of your Sin City experience.


This legendary nightclub has featured the talents of some equally legendary artists- lil Jon, Steve Aoki, and Calvin Harris, to name a few. But good music means nothing without someone to dance to it, and our girls are the perfect candidates for such a responsibility. Party with our women at Hakkasan, and you’ll know what it truly means to dance on a Las Vegas floor.


The pride and joy of Caesar’s Palace, the Omnia is a massive multilevel affair, and it’s the right place for you to experience a truly pure Vegas experience, with bottle service, gourmet food- and the talents of women from Prestige. Partying with a prestige model at the Omnia is something uniquely special.

Other Nightclubs

Of course, other nightclubs, hundreds of them, can be found in the City of Sin, and it’s no exaggeration to say that each and everyone of them is the ideal place for a Prestige Model to show you what she’s got.

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